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Dear teachers and staff!


We invite you to a seminar company ELSEVIER database on the topic: "Introduction and practical application of the world's best resources of the company ELSEVIER: ScienceDirect, Scopus», which will cover the following issues:1. Search for articles on the chosen theme; 2. View the results; 3. Clarification of the search terms. Detailed display of search results; 4. Navigating the system Scopus, ScienceDirect; 5. View the new subjects areas; 6. Track citations and how to find the index of Hirsch; 7. Identification of the authors and the search for information about them. The seminar is held in conjunction with the National Center for Scientific and Technical Information and the representative of Kazakhstan Usentaevoy Elziver Indira free of charge, at a seminar given certificates. Venue: konf.zal 205k. (building №1) Date: May 16, at 15:00 h. The scientific library