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In order to create favorable conditions for the formation of a common scientific information space, providing scientists and researchers in Kazakhstan centralized access to all kinds of resources, scientific and technical information, as domestic products and to international databases, JSC "National Center for Scientific and Technical Information" (JSC "NCSTI") is working to establish cooperation with the publisher Nature Publishing Group.

Dear teachers! As part of the agreement you have a unique opportunity to expand the range of their own capabilities and get free trial access to electronic scientific journal Nature in the period from November 1, 2014 on December 1st, 2014 All the information you can find on a scientific portal vvww.nauka.kz . or go to the electronic reading (102aud., gl.korpus). Nature Publishing Group (NPG) - a subsidiary of the "Macmillan Publishers Ltd", an international publishing house, founded in Britain in 1843 and is currently represented in 70 countries. NPG Publishing was formed in 1999 through the merger of the Department of scientific periodicals of Macmillan (the journal Nature, etc.) And publisher NPG (former publishing Stockton Press), published the leading medical research, scientific and technical journals. The main and most famous magazines published by NPG is a Nature- weekly interdisciplinary scientific journal, published since 1869. Other news magazines included a series of journal Nature (Nature Physics, Nature Photonics IT. D.), A series of review journals Nature Reviews, includes a series of biological journals and a series of magazines devoted to clinical practice in different sections of Medicine (former series Nature Clinical Practice), a number of academic journals and popular science magazine Scientific American and Scientific American Mind. Nature - one of the most prestigious general science journals United States, publishes a study a wide range of issues, mostly of natural science subjects. He is currently the world's most cited scientific journals, the impact factor (according to JCR, 2013) is 42,351. Each week the journal Nature publishes a free audio file, which contains the most interesting articles in the new issue of Nature, in particular, interviews with researchers and analytical articles journalists covering research developments around the world. Available as multimedia files, made to order. Streaming video - produced for selected articles and letters sent to the journal Nature. They are presented in a video format discussions, analytical reviews and interviews with researchers. Site nature.com search engine used Google Earth to monitor the spread of avian influenza virus I15N1. For this initiative in 2006, the site was awarded the British Association of Publishers Network Association of Online Publishers (AOP) 4Jse of a New Digital Platform '. Blogs (Blogs), located on the site nature.com, form a forum where users can comment on the latest news, discuss attending seminars or conferences, get advice about the publication in the journal Nature, etc. Elucian Islands-house NPG in the virtual world Second Life, where the materials are stored for conferences lasting projects and regular meropriyatiyah.Ezhemesyachno site nature.com carried about 1.5 million searches.