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The Book of Independence is a historic lesson for the younger generation

This book is my great supporter, the perfect future

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On February 8, the West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Utemisov presented the book of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev "The Era of Independence" organized by the Scientific Library and the Institute of "Spiritual Renewal". Oleg Yurov, vice rector for research and international relations of the University, Candidate of Political Sciences Oleg Yurov noted that the analysis of the message of the Head of the State, which has become a tradition in this institution, will be opened. It was important for the younger generation to know and respect the history of the Kazakh epoch, to form patriotic upbringing on the younger generation. A good book is the same as a clever man's story. Our leader published a book titled "The Era of Independence", which will be a legacy of future youths. The book of the Head of State is a new history story.

The epoch of "Independence era" is in the genre of journalism. Published in Kazakh and Russian languages. A summary of our President's independence ideas. The book covers the four sections: "Birth of the State," "Great Flipping," "Falling to the Killing" and "Forming State". The three waves of wave are widespread in the epoch of period characteristic. In this encyclopedia, the history of the new era of the Kazakh nation has been widely disseminated since 1991, when it faced a variety of economic crises. It is impossible to step into the future without knowing the past. So it is important to keep this encyclopedia especially youngsters. Director of the Institute "Spiritual Renaissance", Associate Professor AS Tasmagambetov A.S .Tasmagambetov, Senior Lecturer, Department of History of Kazakhstan, "Comprehensive work history of development of independent Kazakhstan", Zhalekenova G.T "Trud NA Nazarbayeva's "Era non-independence" as the foundation of the modern history of Kazakhstan ", the librarian of the Scientific Library A.M. Kenzhegaliyeva," Head of the state - in the flow of history".

The librarian of the library of the SS SSNurgalieva made an overview of the exhibition "The President sent him - supported by his country". The lifestyle of the folk epic "Long ago the wish of the people - the desire of men to be honest," is one of the most intricate works of the Head of the state. We can see the perspective of the Leader of the Nation, which is remembered by the words of "Those who believe that the country is a true friend of good nature". We are confident that the future of the future will be even more vivid and clearer if we make the younger generation look like a leader of the nation. The derivative of the new history of Kazakhstan will most certainly become an indispensable cognitive educational guide of the country. Good books for your souls! The Nutcracker - Let's Let The Book Be Brock!