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"Today's parents will thank you ..."

On March 1 Kazakhstan celebrates one of the most kind and bright holidays. It is a holiday of friendship, understanding and consent, which sometimes is so lacking in the modern world. Thanksgiving is a tribute to each other. This day has become one of the most important holidays of our country, close to every human heart. On this day, we thank all those who were with us in difficult times who taught us to live, understand life, thank friends, teachers, brothers, sisters, and of course the dearest and dearest people-parents who gave us life.

On February 22, members of the scientific library of the WKSU named after V.Sh. M. Utemisov held a festive evening "Ata-anaa moya al'yys". The purpose of this activity is to raise respect for family values in the younger generation, to show the strength of the relationship on the example of large families and to teach them to respect the elders. The senior researcher of the Institute "Ruhani zhanyrou", doctor of technical sciences, professor, father of 5 children Aitaliev Ermek Sutpayly, took part in it; employee of the economic unit, mother of 5 children Kadrkulova Gulaym Құrmanzyzy; Methodist Center for Pre-University Training WKSU. M. Utemisova, senior lecturer of the Department of Biology and Ecology, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, father of 4 children of Moldavians Nurzhan Rakhmetli; teacher of the department of music education and vocals, a master, a member of the regional union of mothers, a member of the public association "Azhar", mother of 5 children Қuanshalieva Raushan Jardemyzy.

The musical and poetic decoration of the evening was the performance of the song "Apau", a student of the 1st year of music education and vocals of Satejov Nursultan and the verses of his own composition "Әkege", "Analarғa" by the 1st year student of the philological faculty Bajytzhanova Aizada. The students listened with great enthusiasm to the performance of the participants and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to take part in such a sincere and truly family event. Since the core of any people has always been a family. It is in the family that they preserve, multiply, and then pass from generation to generation the customs of the people and their traditions. The Kazakhs have a special attitude towards the family and its values. The family hearth is a symbol of warmth, kindness, coziness. The heat of fire in the house is the warmth and tenderness of the mother's hands, it is the warmth and wisdom of the father's instructions. Therefore, in the end, all the participants and guests of the evening, passing each other a lighted candle, made a wish and wished everyone good health, family well-being, warmth and a peaceful sky.

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