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The book is a precious and irreplaceable spiritual treasure

In the program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev «A look into the future: modernization of public consciousness», the project on the development of social Sciences and Humanities «New humanitarian education. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language». In the process of implementation of the program «100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language» in the scientific library of West Kazakhstan state University M. Utemisov received 1504 copies of 17 books translated from foreign languages into Kazakh. Within the framework of this project, presentations and readings of these books were held.

In reading room №4 of the scientific library was held the presentation of the books by Elliot Aronson «Көпке ұмтылған жалғыз. Әлеуметтік психологияға кіріспе», David G. Myers «Әлеуметтік психология», Dwayne Shultz, Sydney Ellen Schultz, «Қазіргі психология тарихы» 11th edition. The event was attended by students of the group PIP-11, PIP-13, PIP-21, PIP-31, PIP-33. Senior lecturer of pedagogy and psychology, master Koldashova Nadezhda Utigaliyevna noted that this book, at the same time strictly scientific and humane, filled with facts and intriguing information that makes the reading not only informative but also entertaining. It describes the fundamental principles of social thinking, social influence and social behavior, as well as a variety of experiments and recent research. The book will be useful not only for psychologists, but also sociologists, philosophers, political scientists.

In the conference hall at the faculty of history, Economics and law librarian, M. Ismagulova conducted a bibliographic review of the book Derek Johnston «Философияның қысқаша тарихы: Сократтан Дерридаға дейін». The event was attended by students of groups ISTR-21, REG-11, MO-21. Candidate of historical Sciences, senior lecturer Gizzatov Sayalbek Makhambetovich familiarized students with books, told about the work, writings, theories, facts of life 15 famous thinkers of world-class, made special contributions to the history of the development of philosophical thought.

The review of books Remy Hessa «Философияның таңдаулы 25 кітабы», David B. Brickerhoff «Әлеуметану негіздері» 9th edition, librarian R. Masimovа acquainted students with the history books. Candidate of historical Sciences Zhurasova Altynai Shugaeva noted the significant stages in the development of Western philosophy, 25 works by prominent Western thinkers. This event was attended by students of groups UA-11, UA-21, Ua-31, f-11, f-21, f-31, REG-11. Student of the 2nd course Bekbolat Nigmetzhanov expressed their opinion on the tutorial.

In the reading room №1 librarian S. Nurgaliyeva held a bibliographic review of books V. Fromkin «Тіл біліміне кіріспе», S. Ter-Minasova «Тіл және мәдениетаралық коммуникация». She noted that the book is intended for students of Philology and for young professionals engaged in scientific activities in this field. Associate Professor of philological Sciences Of the book told students about the content of the book and the features of the heritage passed on to future generations.

The librarian S. Sakaeva conducted a bibliographic review of books: K. Schwab «Төртінші индустриялық революция», N. Gregory «Экономикс», Ricky W. «Менеджмент», noting that this is the 12th edition of the book, Donald F. Kuratko «Кәсіпкерлік: теория, процесс, практика» 10 the publication of this book. The event was attended by senior lecturer of the Department of Economics and management, master Egzalieva Assel Bolatcalievna, senior lecturer Yantursina Z. Yu. and students of the faculty of Economics and tourism. During the event, expressed his opinion Assel Bolatcalievna. She believes that the biggest advantage of the textbook «Менеджмент» T. Griffin in addition to the theory is that it describes in detail the methods of management in medium, small and large enterprises of foreign countries, in real companies.

About the book «Төртінші индустриялық ре­волю­ция» it seeks to give a comprehensive analysis of a number of economic processes. Students took an active part in the discussion of books.

Librarian A. Gabdualieva reviewed the books of Karen Armstrong's «Идуаизм, хриастандық пен исламдағы 4000 жылдық ізденіс: құдайтану баяны», Derek Johnston «Философияның қысқаша тарихы: Сократтан Дерриға дейін», Andon John Patrick Kenny «Батыс философиясының жаңа тарихы Том 1 Антика философиясы», Anthony John Patrick Kenny «Батыс философиясының жаңа тарихы. Том 2. Орта ғасыр философиясы», Remi Hess, «Философияның таңдаулы 25 кітабы» the event was attended by students of group B-11, G-11, faculty of biology and geography. Dean of the faculty Turgumbaev A. the teacher of the philosophical discipline Muldasheva G. noted that these textbooks, which are considered the best at the world level, now have the opportunity to read students in the state language.

The main novelty of the second stage of the project is the translation of textbooks on pedagogy, literary studies, cultural studies, history, diplomacy, international law and international business law into the Kazakh language. Our translators and editors carried out high-quality translation without changing the content of textbooks. We are confident that our well-deserved policy and our commitment to the nation will be the cornerstone of our future spiritual development.