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Syrda tugan syrbaz akyn

The scientific library continues large-scale events in the light of the presidential article "a Look into the future: modernization of public consciousness".

In the Republican campaign "One country - one book", the task of which is to promote Kazakh literature, increase public interest in reading, the development of research interest in the study of the literary heritage of Kazakhstan, in 2019, two books were selected for public reading. This is a novel of Abish Kekilbaev "End of a legend" and lyrics Abdilda Tazhibaeva.

The scientific library together with the Department of Kazakh Philology held an evening of lyrics by Abdilda Tazhibayev. The guests of the evening were students of different faculties, teachers, staff. The beginning of the event was devoted to the creative activity of the famous poet, outstanding scientist, famous playwright, public figure, whose name is written in gold letters in the history of Kazakh literature Abdilde Tazhibayev. The demonstrated excerpt from the play "the Girl and the soldier" the audience met with thunderous applause. It was evident that the audience was interested in the end of the play. For a full reading of the book, it was recommended to contact the library.

Students Cinama Ernyr, Seriikov Bakytjan, Isimov Ernyr read poems "Cheese syrlary", "Akyndyk", "Esime tysse", " Menin omirim", Amangeldi Jannur read with enthusiasm his poem. Faculty of Kazakh Philology , candidate of pH.N., K. G. Aronov and A. A. Niyzgalieva who have seen firsthand Tazhibayeva A., shared his thoughts about creativity. At the end of the event the librarian S. S. Nurgalieva held a bibliographic review on the solo exhibition " Syrda tugan syrbaz akyn". Abdilda Tazhibayev left a unique trace in the Kazakh poetry. The younger generation, of course, believes that the work of the poet will still not be forgotten, will receive merit.

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