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Gratitude is our duty

The first spring holiday on March 1-the day of gratitude for our Kazakhstan is of great importance. Since 2016, Kazakhstan has a new holiday-the day of gratitude, established by the decree of the President in the framework of the action "Good spring" staff of the scientific library of WKSU M. Utemisova organized an evening-meeting "Parents-1000 thank you", dedicated to the day of gratitude. This event was attended by mothers with many children.

The seminar was attended by master of foreign languages WKSU. After Gabdusheva Astra Ersainovna, lecturer, Department of Economics and management Turniyazova Akmaral Kenesovna, also people who made a great contribution to the preservation of the purity of our University Abdesheva Aisulu Sadyralieva and Munasova Gulnar Amandykova and the security officer, a large daddy - Karabaev Beybit Uahitovich.

The plan of the event: acquaintance, questions and answers, psychological training, gratitude and songs. During the event, students asked questions, and the guests shared interesting and difficult moments of their family life. 2nd year student of the philological faculty Kinama Ernur together with guests and students sang the song"Oh mom".

Distinguished colleagues had dedicated the poem of M. Makataev "Mother," which was read Kinama Ernur. Summing up the evening, the Chairman of the trade Union organization WKSU M. Utemisova Suleimenov Mergen Kuanyshevich congratulated all those present on the holiday, expressed gratitude and presented gifts to the guests of the evening. The day of gratitude is a day of respect for each other of all citizens of our country, who in difficult times overcame all the difficulties in a short time under the leadership of the Head of state in the construction of independent Kazakhstan. Therefore, we sent our wishes that our heart was filled with good deeds, love and respect. Every time a person should not forget to do good, whether it is close or completely unfamiliar to people. And the day of grace reminds us of that. "This day can become a bright holiday of mercy, friendship and love of all Kazakhstanis to each other," the head of state said. We ended the evening to thank for the day of kindness and mercy, for the unselfish love for nature and parents.