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The scientific library is provided with access to the Electronic library system (EBS) of the «LAN» publishing house

EBS "LAN" is a licensed Russian electronic library of educational literature and periodicals, providing commercial access to tens of thousands of books online and in the application for iOS and Android. Collections of "Lani" are replenished with actual academic literature and periodicals of a technical profile in Russian, English, Kazakh languages.


WKSU them. M. Utemisov is connected to a unique collection of FBS "LAN", the exclusive right holder of the classical textbooks of the "Golden Fund" of education, including the fundamental works of B. P. Demidovich, A. G. Kurosh, of G. M. Fikhtengolts, in mathematics, is known, I. E. Irodova, I. V. Savelyev, S. I. Frisch for physics. EBS

Connected databases:

Physics-Publishing House " LAN"

Mathematics-Publishing House " LAN"

Chemistry-Publishing House " LAN"

Music and Theater — the Publishing house "planet of Music"

Art History - Publishing House " Planet Of Music"

In addition, the basic section of periodicals for teachers and researchers is available to all subscribers of "Lani" free of charge and contains publications of more than 600 journals, including 40 items in Kazakh and English. The highlight of the section were the collections of the main scientific schools: RANHiGS, BFU. I. Kant, national research TPU, this high-quality editions indexed by RSCI.

Department of information technology and bibliographies (room 217). the main building).