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Plant world

UN Adopts the Resolution of Announcing that 2020 year as International Year of Plant Health. In this regard, a book exhibition “Plant world” was organized in the reading room, dedicated to plant health. The purpose of the exhibition: Explore the history of plants, giving an idea of the meaning and varieties of plants, and receving information about medical plants.

Books about plants are presented at a book exhibition including "Plant physiology" Atabaeva S. Zh., The Plants including in the Red Book, the author is Ivashchenko A. A. and "Treasures of the plant world of Kazakhstan", Medical plants, Biology manuals Information about common plants in the West Kazakhstan region. Works of teachers of WKSU lecturers Darbaeva T.E. "Plant taxonomy”, Petrenko A.Z. –"The Green Book of the West Kazakhstan Region" and presented materials of periodicals.