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Wise Kazakh Kadir

In the reading room No. 1 of the Scientific Library of the WKSU named after M. Utemisov, an exhibition “Өлең сөздіңgergeri - Қadyr agyn” was presented in honor of the People’s writer of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR, winner of the independent award “Tarlan”, prophet of poetry, publicist, critic, playwright Kadyr Myrza Ali. The exhibition presents such books as: "Zhazmysh", "Irіm", "Ta «damaly tuyndylarynyң kp tomdygy", "ратibratnәmә", "Prapamyat", "Zamanai","Taadamaly shygarmalar",“Kylysh pen Kanzhar konderai”, “Migi maidan әuletim-duletime”, “Enіrep Utken erler-ai”, “Nightingale Garden”, “Palms”. Kadyr Myrza Ali has such works as “White Otau”, “Bulbul Garden”, “Dream of Dream”, “Steppe Diary”, “Dombra”, “Red Book”, “Eternal Front”, “Sword and Dagger”, “Zaman -ai ”, “On the Diamond Land” and other collections of Kazakh poetry. Kadyr Ginayatovich Myrzaliev - national writer of Kazakhstan, poet, co-author [1] of the first Kazakhstan anthem.

He is the author of more than 50 poetry collections, literary, critical and children's books. Many of his poems are translated into Russian, German, English, French, Finnish, Lithuanian, Kyrgyz, Tatar and other languages of the world.