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Dear staff, teachers, students and undergraduates!

In the fund of the scientific library WKSU. M. Utemisova received textbooks of Kazakh authors in English on natural and humanitarian sciences for polygamous groups recommended by the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. With this literature can be found in the reading rooms of the Scientific Library.

"Looking to the future" through the eyes of the master of the word



During 25 years of Independence, Kazakhstan has reached great heights in economic, political and cultural terms. Together with the Leader of the Nation NA. Nazarbayev people of Kazakhstan are confidently marching towards a brighter future. An example of achieved tops is the capital of our Motherland Astana, which for such a short time entered its golden page in the history of a young independent state. Astana is the epicenter of the country's economic, political and cultural life. She set herself a big, but feasible task - to become one of the best capitals of the world, and does everything to achieve this.

The book is the purest essence of the human soul ....

The book is a window into the world of cultural diversity, it is a bridge that connects different civilizations in time and space.
The information carrier, the basis of education and creativity, the book gives an opportunity to each culture to tell about itself, acquaints with customs and traditions of different peoples.
April 23 is a symbolic date for world literature. In 1995, in Paris, the decision of the General Conference of UNESCO in tribute to books and authors, this day was proclaimed as "World Book and Copyright Day".

Test access to the electronic resource of statistical data "Passport"

Dear staff, teachers, students and undergraduates!

"National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise" (JSC NCNCPE) in order to create favorable conditions for the formation of a unified scientific information space, as well as providing scientists and researchers of Kazakhstan with centralized access to foreign information resources, conducted work on establishing cooperation with Euromonitor Internetional. (United Kingdom).


Nauryz is a holiday of unity of all people on Earth and nature, a holiday of harmony, light and good! It is a holiday of spring, renewal of nature, the beginning of a new year, a new life. On this day people dress smartly, go on a visit to relatives and friends and do not cease good wishes. For the eastern people of Nauryz, it's like the New Year, because both holidays are considered messengers of a new life. Even the name of the Nauryz holiday in Persian means nothing but a "new day".

A talented artist Saken Gumarov

In the scientific library WKSU them. M. Utemisov in the reading room No. 4, February 22, 2017. a meeting was held with the students of the Department "art and design", namely groups IIC-11 and D-11, dedicated to the after a 80-letïyu dnya Birthday Saken Gumarova. The main goal of the event is to acquaint the younger generation with one of the representatives of the rich cultural heritage of our Republic, a painting which bears a huge charge of optimism and gives the key to understanding the whole unity of the world.

Open test access to the collection of doctoral and master's theses "ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global"

Dear teachers, staff, students and undergraduates!
From 20 February to 22 March 2017 for wksu them. M. Utemisov provided test access to the database to theses collections of ProQuest company "ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I".
International Corporation ProQuest Company - one of the world leaders in the field of information products and technologies for science, education and business (editions in English, German, French and other European languages).

"The open day" Scientific library

In order to improve the information culture of students and teachers 16.02.2017 in the main hall of wksu them. M. Utemisov scientific library held a "Day of open doors". The program of the event included a preview of new literature, a visit to the Museum of rare books, familiarization with the latest technologies used in the library, work with the electronic catalog. With great interest visited the exhibition of new literature "Zhana debater crimes", the exhibition consisted of sections of "the Works of the First President N. A. Nazarbaev", "the English Books", "Works of the teaching staff, released to the RITZ wksu", "Bibliography", "Electronic publications" and "textbooks".

Уважаемые сотрудники, преподаватели, студенты и магистранты!

Приглашаем Вас посетить  «День открытых дверей»  в  Научной библиотеке ЗКГУ им. М. Утемисова, который состоится 16 февраля 2017 года в холле главного административного корпуса университета с 10.00 до 17.00 часов. В  программе Вас ожидает знакомство с новой литературой, поступившей в фонд библиотеки «Жаңа әдебиеттер көрмесі»; экскурсия в «Музей редких книг»; знакомство с инновациями библиотеки, в частности, с принципом работы RFID-технологий, электронным каталогом библиотеки,  отечественными и зарубежными полнотекстовыми базами данных.


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