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Book transcription in a gift.

There are people, has put and which acts – cause feeling of deep respect, fill soul with joyful kind light and warm heat. These people have quality, trait of character, rare for modern time, – they are able to give, give – gratuitously, free of charge … Generous gift of soul noble … The donator is a special property of soul, it is generosity, this unselfishness, it is love to the library. In fund of the ZKGU Scientific library of M. Utemisov from readers books periodically come to a gift on various branches of knowledge. One of such donators can call the athlete, the honored trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the associate professor, the senior teacher of department of physical training Zhubanyshkali Sadyrovich Zhardemov who has contributed a number of books to fund of the ZKGU scientific library of M. Utemisov:

Dear teachers, scientists, staff, undergraduates and students!

Scientific Library of WKSU. M. Utemisova from November 2017 to December 2018 received free full-text access to one of the world's largest databases Springer Protocols, which includes about 50,000 scientific research protocols.

Dear teachers, employees, undergraduates and students!

In order to support the development and promotion of pre-school education in the country, the republican center "Mektepke deiengi balalyk shak" accepts articles for publication in the republican scientific and information methodical journal "Dala balla" in the following headings:

- "Yellow Wings" / "Scientific News";
- "Innovation" / "Innovation";
- "
Үздіктәжірибе" / "The best technique".

Materials can be sent to the electronic address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the indication of the rubric. Articles are accepted in Russian or Kazakh languages ​​no more than five pages, font 14. Publication in the magazine is free. On all issues of interest, you can contact the editorial office of the journal by phone 8 (747) 427-09-06.

Scientist by vocation

As part of the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisova in the Regional Kazakh Drama Theater held an international scientific and practical conference "Questions of the history of Kazakhstan and the academic school of academician T.Z. Rysbekov ", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the famous scientist, doctor of historical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Humanitarian and Social Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Supreme Council of the International Eurasian Movement, Honorary Rector of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov Tuyakbai Zaitovich Rysbekov.

Modernization of Kazakh language is the basis of spiritual modernization

One of the key issues touched upon in the article of the Head of State "A glance at the future: modernization of public consciousness" is the transition of the Kazakh language to Latin script.

Dear staff, teachers, students and undergraduates!

In the fund of the scientific library WKSU. M. Utemisova received textbooks of Kazakh authors in English on natural and humanitarian sciences for polygamous groups recommended by the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. With this literature can be found in the reading rooms of the Scientific Library.

"Looking to the future" through the eyes of the master of the word



During 25 years of Independence, Kazakhstan has reached great heights in economic, political and cultural terms. Together with the Leader of the Nation NA. Nazarbayev people of Kazakhstan are confidently marching towards a brighter future. An example of achieved tops is the capital of our Motherland Astana, which for such a short time entered its golden page in the history of a young independent state. Astana is the epicenter of the country's economic, political and cultural life. She set herself a big, but feasible task - to become one of the best capitals of the world, and does everything to achieve this.

The book is the purest essence of the human soul ....

The book is a window into the world of cultural diversity, it is a bridge that connects different civilizations in time and space.
The information carrier, the basis of education and creativity, the book gives an opportunity to each culture to tell about itself, acquaints with customs and traditions of different peoples.
April 23 is a symbolic date for world literature. In 1995, in Paris, the decision of the General Conference of UNESCO in tribute to books and authors, this day was proclaimed as "World Book and Copyright Day".

Test access to the electronic resource of statistical data "Passport"

Dear staff, teachers, students and undergraduates!

"National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise" (JSC NCNCPE) in order to create favorable conditions for the formation of a unified scientific information space, as well as providing scientists and researchers of Kazakhstan with centralized access to foreign information resources, conducted work on establishing cooperation with Euromonitor Internetional. (United Kingdom).

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