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Saken Seyfullin is an inexhaustible source of poetry.

In order to popularize fiction, the Scientific Library together with the Rukhani Zhagyru Institute, in honor of the 125th birthday of Saken Seifullin, held a competition of expressive reading masters "Saken Seyfullin - an inexhaustible source of poetry", dedicated to Saken Seyfullin - poet and writer, statesman , the founder of modern Kazakh literature, the founder of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan. The main goal of the competition is to expand the scope of the state language, linguistic culture, the promotion of fiction, the search for talented youth and to increase interest in the study and promotion of fiction. In his speech, the director of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” Institute, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Abat Satybaevich Kydyrshaev noted the rich heritage of Saken Seyfullin for future generations.

Contestants shared their reading skills in prose, Saken poems. The competition was attended by first-year students of the Faculty of History, Economics and Law, Physics and Mathematics, and Pedagogical Departments, as well as students of the specialty "Librarianship." According to the results of the competition, 1st-year student of the Faculty of Philology Tynyshtyk Nurzhaugan won the first place, student of the BD-11 group Oseugaliyev Askhat and student of the group FIL-41 Otepbergenova Aru second place, student of the group MF - 11 Zinekenov Ansar and student of the group MO-11 Sembaeva Aknur, Sagungalieva Nazerce were awarded 3rd place.

Following the results of the competition, diplomas and letters of appreciation were awarded. At the end of the event, the Director of the Scientific Library thanked the participants and presented prizes. Saken Seyfullin - one of the most famous Kazakhstani writers, who made a huge contribution to the development of Kazakh culture and literature, lived a very short life. He was repressed before he reached his 44th birthday. In March 1957, he was posthumously rehabilitated due to a lack of corpus delicti.

In honor of Saken Seyfullin named schools and streets. In Uralsk, the name of Saken Seyfullin is the name of the regional boarding school No. 11 “Daryn” for gifted children; the square named after Saken Seyfullin-Alley of builders bears his name. This great man devoted his life to the creation and development of Kazakh culture. Descendants should be proud of their hero!!!.

Dear teachers, students, undergraduates!

The Science Library received free test access to the «Aknurpress» Digital Library until December 31, 2019.
Digital library “Аknurpress” has a high-quality approach to the selection of literature for the educational process, contains more than 1000 titles of textbooks and teaching aids for higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which correspond to academic disciplines. Textbooks and teaching aids are presented in Kazakh, Russian and English. After registration, remote access is provided.
Please use this opportunity when preparing for classes! For advice, contact the auditorium. 217 (main building).

Dear teachers, students, undergraduates!

The scientific library received free test access to the IPRbooks Electronic Library System until December 31, 2019.
Electronic Library System IPRbooks is a leading provider of digital content for educational institutions and public libraries.
In the free test mode, you can read articles, view videos. In the IPR BOOKS EBS you will find textbooks and teaching aids, monographs, production and practical, reference books, as well as business literature for practitioners. Editions for the last 10 years (in the humanities, social and economic sciences - for the last 5 years) are included in the EBS; their list is constantly growing. The content of the IPR IPR BOOKS is updated monthly with new electronic publications and periodicals.
Please use this opportunity when preparing for classes! For advice, contact the auditorium. 217 (main building).

Dear teachers, students, undergraduates!

The scientific library received free test access to the grebennikon electronic library (Grebennikov Publishing House) until December 31, 2019.

Grebennikon electronic library is primarily a "global practical tool" in economics, management and other disciplines (marketing, advertising, management, logistics, personnel management, financial management, design, etc.).

In the free test mode, you can read articles, view videos. Only - the mode of reading / viewing from the screen (without the ability to copy, download, print, etc.).

Please use this opportunity when preparing for classes! For advice, contact the auditorium. 217 (main building).

“Partnership of university libraries: new forms of cooperation”

During the presentation of all conference participants, the exchange of experience of the work of university libraries was held, it was noted that university libraries are the most active part of the library community, making a significant contribution to the search for new forms, methods and opportunities to improve the university rating, modernize services, and implement new projects. University libraries are constantly evolving, introducing innovative IT-technologies, effectively using existing potential opportunities, which allows to maintain the best aditions and ensure learning The process and scientific research activity of the university. Currently, all the libraries of universities of the republic are distinguished by high material and technical equipment with modern personal computers and the introduction of automated technologies based on it, copying and duplicating equipment, interactive whiteboards, video conferencing systems and other equipment. The libraries have created comfortable conditions for users. All personal computers are connected to a network of free high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi zones are installed in reading rooms, free access to information resources is organized. In the user service system of most university libraries, readers are recorded, publications are issued and received in an automated mode using the appropriate modules of automated library information systems. Automated library management systems based on RFID-technologies of radio-frequency identification are being introduced, which contribute to the maximum approximation of book collections to the user, provide a system of safety and control over the movement of books, implementation of protective and anti-theft functions. The participants of the conference emphasized the need for further expansion and development of interdepartmental, interdepartmental , interregional and interstate library interaction, contributin to its most complete and high-quality provision of the educational process and research activities of the university, increasing the library rating and the quality of education.



Following the conference, the participants adopted practical recommendations, the implementation of which will contribute to the creation of a qualitatively new innovative model for the development of a modern digital library of the university to increase the effectiveness of the educational and research processes of the university. At the end of the conference, ATOR presented awards: Medal of MES RK "Bilim take іsіnің құrmettі қyzmetkerі" the director of information - educational center WKATU them. Zhangir Khan Aigul Bazarovna Yesenamanova, Honorary Diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head of the Department of Scientific, Library of the WKSU named after M.Utemisov A.U. Gabdualieva and director of the library of NKSU named after Sh. Ualikhanova S. A. Aitmanova, Letters of appreciation from the Republican Scientific Pedagogical Library of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to librarians of the scientific library of the WKSU named after M. Utemisov S. Nurgalieva, A. Zhusipova, A. Nugalnoy, head. ZKITU library S.Nurliyeva, IOC ZKATU librarian. Zhangir Khan A. Kuatalieva, the methodologist of the educational institution ZKO Z. Karmanova, librarians of the college of the city and the districts A. Salikhova, A. Esenbaeva, G. Zimukhanova and G. Taykesheva, all participants received Certificates. Letters of gratitude to the rector N.Kh. Sergaliev, the head of the Rukhani Zhagyr Institute A.S. Kdirshaev, the director of the scientific library T.E. Alimbekerova were handed over by the director of the republican newspaper "Ysh Konyr" Bolat Batyr.On the basis of West Kazakhstan State University. Makhambet Utemisov October 10-11, 2019 the international scientific and practical conference of the leaders and leading specialists of libraries of higher educational institutions on the topic: “Partnership of university libraries: new forms of cooperation.” Organizers - Republican Scientific and Pedagogical Library of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RNPB) MES RK); West Kazakhstan State University named after Makhambeta Utemisova. The conference was attended by the heads of the university libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia, representatives of regional and city libraries, college librarians, students and teachers of the Department of Culture and Art, specializing in Librarianship.

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