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Virtual Exhibition 12

In the fund of the scientific library WKSU. M. Utemisova received textbooks of Kazakh authors in English on natural and humanitarian sciences for polygamous groups recommended by the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. With this literature can be found in the reading rooms of the Scientific Library.

Mukatayeva, Zh. S. Chemical ecology: Textbook / Zh. S.  Mukatayeva.- Almaty: Association of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan, 2016.-308p.

Seiketov, A. Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming: Textbook/ A. Seiketov.-Almaty, 2016.-288 p.

Jumadillayev, K. N. Teaching methology of physics: Textbook/ K. N.  Jumadillayev, Zh. K. Sydycova.- Almaty, 2016.-312 p.

Органическая химия Azimbayeva, G.T. Organic chemistry: Textbook/ G.T. Azimbayeva.- Almaty, 2016.-313p.