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Teacher with a capital letter!

February 10, 2020 in the reading room number 4 of the Scientific library of ZKGU M. Utemisov held an event "Parasat bighug teacher",dedicated to the 70th anniversary from the birthday of Professor of pedagogy and psychology, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, Moldagaliyev Bijana of Aidyralieva. It was attended by teachers of the Department of pedagogy, undergraduates and librarians. Dean of the faculty of pedagogy Gabdyrakhmanova Shynar Tolegenovna, colleagues of Lomonosov Ilya Matveevich and Nurgaliev Kenes Aitzhanovich, teacher kuldashova Nadezhda Utegalievna, undergraduates Batyrbayeva Zhanerke,Talapkali Tolganay, Gainullina Raushan, Amankos Asylkhanym expressed their congratulations. Baizhan Aydyngalievich told his biography, spoke warmly about his teacher Ilya Lomonosov, who pushed him to the pedagogical path, shared his experience, wished the young people not to stop, but to achieve more, and was pleasantly surprised when librarians planned to celebrate his anniversary. Bijana of Aidyralieva from library staff