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Gratitude is a sign of the nobility of the soul

Gratitude day is a new holiday filled with special meaning and spiritual joy. This wonderful day was devoted to the event in wksu them. M. utemisova, organized By the scientific library of the University. It has become a good tradition to hold this bright holiday in the library. Director of the Scientific library Tota Erkinovna made a congratulatory speech, noting the importance of this holiday, which allows us to Express our gratitude to each other for good deeds and deeds. She wished everyone peace, kindness and good mood.

Guests of the evening: Professor Kuzmicheva Alexandra Yegorovna, teacher of the Department of Kazakh Philology Shayekenov Zhangeldi Zhumakaevich, Ph. D. Tereshchenko Tatiana, senior teacher mukhambetova Gainesh Gumarovna, Ph. D. Ahanova Gulnara guest house, employee services Zhumagaliyev Aubakir, engineer-video editing center it Murzagaliev the Bekezhan Galeevich.

We, as well as devoted readers - students of the library, they told about the importance of thanksgiving, the role of the library in human life, and the benefits of reading. The audience had the opportunity to enjoy the magical singing performed by Sarieva Zhansai - the song "Altyn Besik", Serikov Aibol - "Alғysym, kөp bіrіne". The event was held in an unusual format, it turned out bright, interesting and festive. At the end of the event, Toty Erkinovna, wishing all the participants more pleasant and joyful meetings, presented the guests with memorable gifts. All those present were pleasantly surprised and grateful to the library for their attention and gifts.