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Strategy of Kazakhstan - 2050: The new policy established state

February 12 scientific library SKSU. Utemisov together with the department of post-graduate held a round table discussion on the Message to people of Kazakhstan President NA Nazarbayev "Strategy of Kazakhstan - 2050: The new policy established state". The event was attended by Vice Rector for Research and International Relations, Doctor of History Ә.Қ. Mұқtar, Dean of the Faculty of History and Law SM Gizzatov, university staff, students and undergraduates.

Bright and impressively by leading the round table - the first undergraduate course Zhaksygalieva Alfiya Syrymkozhaevna. The event was opened rector for scientific work and international relations, doctor of historical sciences, AK Mukhtar. In his speech he stressed the importance of this document in the social, economic and cultural development of Kazakhstan, the need to develop one of the important directions of the Message - is the development of science and education and the intellectual and scientific potential of the nation. Today's younger generation, according to AK Mukhtar, duly noted the importance of each line and the Message will be active propogandu for its implementation.
Dean of the Faculty of History and Law SM Gizzatov in turn, noted that thanks to the far-sighted policy of the Head of State, many students are able to get an education today, in Poland, Germany, Korea and other countries.

As with the reports made by the undergraduates of the university:
1. S. Sakauova - "Bilim take salasyndaғy әleumettіk zhauapkershіlіk zhүyesіn damytu";
2. A. Zharkemalieva - "Innovatsiyalyқ zertteulerdі damytudyң Zhana Sayasat";
3. G.Zhumataeva - "Zhana Қazaқstandyқ patriotism" Atta bayandamamen Tarikh mamandyғynyң 1st year undergraduates;
4. G. Berzhanova - "Kazakh tili zhane tіlderdің үshtұғyrlyғy";
5. Sharipov - "El ekonomikasy damuynyң Busta kepіlі - shaғyn biznestі damytu."

At the end of the floor was given to the Director of scientific library TE Alimbekerovoy, which summed up the results of the event and thanked all the participants and those present for their active participation in the organization and conduct of the round table.
The evening was completed according to the head of state "Alda's son tұrғan belesterden bіlekke - bіlek, zhүrekke - Zhurek, tіlekke - tіlek қosa bіlsek қana abyroyly өte alamyz."

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