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The effectiveness of the West - Kazakhstan State University. Utemisov with foreign scientific databases (Web of Knowledge).

Given the urgent need for scientific potential ZKGU in foreign scientific journals, as well as the urgent need for training in the use of these resources, the university is hosting a seminar - training with a representative of «THOMSON REUTERS» Sergei Paramonovym- Ph.D., a specialist in working with clients, as well as trainings with representatives of Elsevier. Our scientists visit the web - seminars on the use of foreign publications. At the moment, Doctor of Economics LI Mergalieva and teacher N. Baytlesova prepare their research papers in journals with high impact - factor. Zhusupkalieva GK - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor has made a breakthrough in the global scientific space - one of the first scientific article published in the Polish journal Materials Science-Poland. - 2013. - №1. - Pp 146-150, which has a high impact factor in 2011: 0.366 and 5 - year impact factor: 0,418 (JCR, Thomson Reuters).

We hope that the scientists of the West - Kazakhstan State University. Utemisov, having access to the international resources of scientific and technical information, expand the domestic scientific and information field, improve the quality of Kazakh scientific journals for inclusion in foreign databases and will soon be published in leading scientific journals.

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