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Dear teachers!

Our library is open free access to the database to Polpred.com Media Review 11.15.2013. Polpred.com Media Review


Polpred.com Media Review. Archive important publications assembled by hand. A database with the categories: 26 sectors / 600 springs / 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories / main materials / articles and interviews 3000 First there every day a thousand news, full text in Russian, millions of the best scenes of news and business press 15 s search settings. Export to Word hundreds of articles in just one click. Internet services by industry and country. Access Polpred.com open on all library computers and the internal network.

Polpred.com Mass Media Review. Repository of important publications manually collected. Database with subject heading list: 26 branches / 600 sources / 8 federal disrtricts of RF / 235 countries and jurisdictions / main materials / articles and interviews of 3000 chief executives. A thousand pieces of news daily, full text in Russian, millions of the best stories of news agencies and business press for 15 years. Customizable search. One-click convertion of hundreds of articles into MS Word. Internet services by branches and countries.

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