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30 books-30th anniversary of Independence

The purpose of the action is to promote domestic literature, preserve historical – cultural and spiritual heritage, patriotic education of young people, and a strong attitude to the native language."The Republican campaign "One country — One book " has been held in Kazakhstan since 2007 for 15 years on the initiative of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the bibliographic Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the support of the Ministry of culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan."

The task of the action is to popularize Kazakh literature, increase the interest of society to reading, develop research interests to study the literary heritage of Kazakhstan, as well as contribute to the intellectual and spiritual development of the younger generation.

Kazakhstan has declared independence in 2021. In this regard, the Republican campaign "one country – one book" is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the country's Independence. "As part of this campaign, under the name of " 30 books – 30 years of Independence", 30 best productions of the best Kazakh authors in the region of poetry, prose, drama, Children's literature and translation were selected."

Poetry: Mukagali Makatayev "Omirdastan", Zhumeken Najimedenov" Menin Kazakstanym", Ulykbek Esdaulet" yurt kitap", Serik Aksunkaruly" Kokeimde kultegin yapasy", Toktarali Tanzharyk" pages of the night", Bakytzhan Kanapyanov"friendship of Souls".

Prose: Tynymbay Nurmagambetov" death of Angels", Tobyk Zharmagambetov" Otamaly", Saule Doszhan" suffering and fate", Yuri Serebryansky" delicious and healthy Kazakh literature", Dauren Kuat" Borisokpak", Turysbek Sauketai"Zhelkeyk".

Drama: Rakhymzhan Otarbayev "Aina gumyr", Dulat Isabekov" Zheti zhelken", Madina Omarova" taste of bread", Iran-Gayp" korkyt Kori", Duman Ramadan" Peshene", Saya Kasymbek"Zhantalas".

Children's literature: Ibrai Altynsarin "Oner-bilim bar zhurtlar", Berdibek Sokpakbayev" Zhekpe-Zhek", Marat Kabanbayev" Zhihangez Titi", Tolymbek Abdiraim" the day when The Perch was caught", Zira Nauryzbayeva, Lilya Kalaus" search for the Golden Bowl", Madi Aimbetov"only fourteen years old".

Translations: Yusupov Kenes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez "one hundred years of loneliness", Adetov Bekbolat, Erich Maria Remarque "Amanat Omir", Akhmetov Adil, Agatha Christie "The Disappeared million", Mellat Tolegen, Khalid Hussein "The Shining thousand days", Mazen Dinara, J. K. Rowling "Harry Potter and the secret room", Kurmetuly Amangeldi, Orhan Pamuk "my name is Kyrmyzy".

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Books for students with special educational needs. Librarian Naugolnaya A. and teacher Kenzhegalieva A.

"New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language": bibliographic review. The Librarian Sadap Nurgaliyev

Bibliographic review of new arrivals for 2020. The Librarian Zhusupova A.

On the eve of Independence Day

Our colleague Nurgaliyeva Sadap Suyesinovna was presented with a Letter of Thanks from Rector Nurlan Khabibullayevich Sergaliev. Sadap Suyesinovna has been working in our team for more than 12 years, attentive and reliable. A competent, professional specialist who is able to perform his work effectively. Congratulations to your colleague!

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