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A teacher at the height of wisdom

Within the walls of the native university, the Scientific Library celebrated the 80th anniversary of "Parasat bigindegi ustaz" Meretaeva Balsheker Nurgazievna, a veteran of librarianship, an experienced teacher, mentor.

During the event, Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Social Affairs Tuymesh Darisheva congratulated the hero of the day, on behalf of the rector presented a certificate of honor and a medal "Kitapkhana isinin ardageri".

Balsheker Nurgazievna, one of those who in her life was able to set an example of devotion and love for the library profession, worked hard for the development of the library. For many years of work in the field of librarianship and education, she has made a great contribution to the training and graduation of highly professional specialists.Her students today work both in the republic and in the region. The evening was attended by a group of graduates and fellow contemporaries, students who came specially to congratulate the hero of the day. Warm wishes were expressed by colleagues Farida Kabirovna Absalyamova, Irina Mikhailovna Kolenko, Saule Uteshovna Kuatova, who worked with Balsheker Nurgazievna, as well as directors of libraries Sholpan Urazaeva, Elvira Amangalieva, Marfuga Aitkalieva, Nurganym Mondagalieva, as well as Zvaida Uteshova and Nabira Saginova. Graduates of 1975 from Taraz G. Musaeva and A. Begaldina expressed their wishes in a video message. At the end of the evening, the director of the scientific library Tota Alimbekerova congratulated Balsheker Nurgazievna and thanked the guests. As part of the event, a book exhibition “My profession is my pride” was organized about the life and work of the hero of the day. According to the guests and invitees, "it was an impressive and memorable evening".

Test access to educational content and educational resource IPR SMART

For students and teachers of our university, test access to the largest knowledge base is open - the electronic library system (ELS) as part of the IPR SMART Digital Educational Resource (https://www.iprbookshop.ru).   The test access is valid from 04/01/2022 to 04/30/2022.

The EBS fund contains about 100 thousand pieces of content, most of which is represented by unique educational and scientific publications in all areas of training.

Instructions for using the IPR SMART educational resource are available at the link: https://www.iprbookshop.ru/5858. To use the resource and familiarize yourself with the content, you must go through a remote registration on the site https://www.iprbookshop.ru. Ask for the password and login in the library (217 cab).


The scientific library fund received a book Environmental Policy in Kazakhstan: Fundamentals and Perspectives in Kazakh, Russian and English, published by the ALE "Association of Environmental Organizations" with financial support from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Kazakhstan.

The book is a detailed educational material on the topic "environmental policy". Much attention is paid to the development of new schemes and concepts, the analysis of domestic and foreign experience in this area. The manual is intended for students and undergraduates. Special thanks to the Association of Environmental Organizations.

"Қазақтың қылқалам шебері"

The scientific library and the department of fine arts and design in the reading room of pedagogy, culture and art held the event “Kazaktyn kylkalam sheberi”, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of the artist, theater figure, journalist, director Gumarov Saken Nazhimetdinovich.

The purpose of the event is to introduce the biography and creative path of the famous artist Saken Gumarov.

The event was attended by 3rd year students, teachers of the Faculty of Design and Music Education Pazlyshanova Zhansaya Niyazbaevna, Otarov Mels Taskaliyevich, Madenova Lyazzat Mutigalievna and library staff.

During the evening, students Asanova S., Amanturlina A., Ramazanova A., Manasheva Z. spoke about the life and work of the artist Saken Gumarov.

It is noted that one of the first exhibitions of paintings by S. Gumarov was organized in the West Kazakhstan Regional Museum of Local History, in 1995 the artist's workshop was opened, and then this building became the museum of S. Gumarov. The museum exhibits paintings, personal belongings, photographs, documents of the artist. The artist's works teach love of life, kindness.

During the event, the students were divided into 4 groups, they drew pictures of the artist Saken Gumarov, telling what this picture is about.

Then the students shared how well they know proverbs and sayings about art. A poem by the poet Aitkali Narikov, dedicated to the artist Saken Gumarov, was read by Yelyubay Shynar.

Librarian Aytashova Gulshira Shadenovna conducted a review of the book exhibition "Kazaktyn kylkalam sheberi".


In 2022, within the framework of the republican campaign «One country - one book – 2022», support was provided for reading the works of the people's teacher Akhmet Baitursynov.

In this regard, it was decided to publish all the works of Akhmet Baitursynov.

Readers are invited to read the work of Akhmet Baitursynov in the following areas:

1. «Scientific heritage of Akhmet Baitursynov»;

2. «Literary works of Akhmet Baitursynov»;

3. «Winged words of Akhmet Baitursynov»;

4. «Modern ahmetology».

John Wiley & Sons

Access Period: March 16, 2020 to March 15, 2021.

The publishing house’s scientific content is presented on the Wiley Online Library platform (www.onlinelibrary.wiley.com).

At the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi opened access to a collection of 137 Wiley magazines in natural and technical areas.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of Wiley journals available at the university here.


For users of Wiley subscribing organizations, it is possible to remotely access the publisher’s resources outside the organization’s IP network through the Google Scholar system, as well as through the Wiley Online Library account.

If a user signs up and logs in to the Wiley Online Library platform from within the organization’s network, their Wiley profile will automatically be associated with the organization. In the future, the user gains access to Wiley resources by logging into the Wiley Online Library account from any computer within 60 days. To renew access, you must regularly update the relationship between the account and the organization, i.e. Log into your Wiley Online Library account from your organization’s network at least once every 60 days.

Learn more about remote access here.

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