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John Wiley & Sons

Access Period: March 16, 2020 to March 15, 2021.

The publishing house’s scientific content is presented on the Wiley Online Library platform (www.onlinelibrary.wiley.com).

At the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi opened access to a collection of 137 Wiley magazines in natural and technical areas.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of Wiley journals available at the university here.


For users of Wiley subscribing organizations, it is possible to remotely access the publisher’s resources outside the organization’s IP network through the Google Scholar system, as well as through the Wiley Online Library account.

If a user signs up and logs in to the Wiley Online Library platform from within the organization’s network, their Wiley profile will automatically be associated with the organization. In the future, the user gains access to Wiley resources by logging into the Wiley Online Library account from any computer within 60 days. To renew access, you must regularly update the relationship between the account and the organization, i.e. Log into your Wiley Online Library account from your organization’s network at least once every 60 days.

Learn more about remote access here.

Reader of the year - 2021

In order to show interest in reading books and the formation of an intelligent culture among students, it has become a good tradition in the scientific library to hold an annual competition "Reader of the Year". As part of the 30th anniversary of the country's Independence, a special award ceremony "Reader of the Year-2021" was held, which became a kind of moment of glory for the nominees. The third-year student of the physics and mathematics specialty Aryngazy Eltaev won in the nomination "En belsendi okyrman", the fourth-year student of the specialty pedagogy and psychology Elmira Sarsengalieva won in the nomination "Izdenimpaz okyrman", and the nomination "Reader of the Year-2021" went to the fourth–year student of the specialty Kazakh language and literature Yesengaliev Yerulan.

Books as a gift




The Scientific Library received books as a gift from AZAMAT UTENOV, a professional financier and member of the Board of Directors of Enactus Kazakhstan, founder of the Reading Club project. The purpose of this club is to attract students' attention to reading and increase their interest in books. Students who learn to apply the knowledge gained from books in life can be successful in everything, including business projects Enactus.

1. Аджемоглу, Д. Почему одни страны богатые, а другие бедные: происхождение власти, процветания и нищеты. - М., 2021. - 672 с.

2. Аджемоглу, Д. Узкий коридор государства, общества и судьба свободы. - М., 2021. - 704 с.

3. Айзексон, У. Стив Джобс. - М., -  687 с.

4. Айтматов, Ч. Повести. Рассказ. - Алматы, 2018. - Т. 2. - 426 с.

5. Акимбеков, С. Казахи между революцией и голодом. - Алматы, 2021. - 584 с.

6. Акутагава, Р. Ворота Расемон. - М., 2021. - 576 с.

7. Ариели, Д. Позитивная иррациональность: как извлекать выгоду из своих нелогичных поступков. - М., 2019. - 312 с.

8. Ариели, Д. Честно о нечестности. Почему мы лжем всем и особенно себе. - М., 2020. - 272 с.

9. Бек, А. Арпалыс ( Волокаламск тас жолы). - Алматы, 2020. - 624 с.

10. Бек, А. Волоколамское шоссе: роман в повестях. - Алматы, 2019. - 544 с.


New items! New items! New items!

Receipt of books by the President of the "Bobek" Foundation S. A. Nazarbayeva

Назарбаева С.А. Путь к себе. Учение Порфирия Корнеевича Иванова как метод воспитания здоровой личности. –

Алматы, 2021. – 96 с., ил.

Назарбаева С.А. Этика жизни. – Алматы, 2021. – 96 с.

Сердце дарю людям: фотоальбом. – Алматы: Жібек жолы, 2021. – 100 с.

Әлем ханымы немесе сүйіспеншілікке арналған өмір. – Алматы: Дәуір, 2021. – 151     с. (на каз., рус. и англ. языках)

You can find these books in the reading room of the pedagogical faculty.


The Scientific Library of the Makhambet Utemisov West Kazakhstan University welcomes first-year students and new readers! We are glad that you have chosen our university!

Scientific Library

The scientific library of the M. Utemisov West Kazakhstan University, observing sanitary and epidemiological measures, has been functioning as usual since September 1, 2021.

⏰ Libraries Library opening hours: Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 18:30.

Electronic resources library.wku.edu.kz available online - 24/7.

The Reference Information Service of the National Bank: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . tel. +7 771 866 99 77 (WhatsApp)

Building addresses:

- Phil Faculty of Philology, Physics and Mathematics, Natural Geography.

162 N. Nazarbayev Ave.; main building, 1st floor - 118 office, 2nd floor - 218 office.

- Faculty of History, Economics and Law. 3 building 34 Saraishyk str., 2nd floor.

- Pedagogical Faculty. Art and culture. 7 building, 4 Studentskaya str., 1st floor.

- Abon Subscription to fiction. 8 building, 1 Studentskaya str.,  1st floor.

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