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"New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language": bibliographic review. The Librarian Sadap Nurgaliyev

Bibliographic review of new arrivals for 2020. The Librarian Zhusupova A.

On the eve of Independence Day

Our colleague Nurgaliyeva Sadap Suyesinovna was presented with a Letter of Thanks from Rector Nurlan Khabibullayevich Sergaliev. Sadap Suyesinovna has been working in our team for more than 12 years, attentive and reliable. A competent, professional specialist who is able to perform his work effectively. Congratulations to your colleague!

Project “New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language ” to cultural sectors such as cinema, theater and music, as well as screenwriting and art history.

The Scientific Library together with the Faculty of Culture and Arts, the Department of Choreography and the CRA held a presentation of textbooks within the framework of the project “New Humanitarian Education. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language" for students of the specialty "Library Science" and "Directing ".

This time, the priority in the translation project was given to textbooks on such branches of culture as cinema, theater and music, as well as screenwriting and art history. In particular, the classic work of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze in two volumes "Cinema 1. Image-movement" and "Cinema 2. Image-time" was first published in the Kazakh language for the first time; Freilich "Theory of cinema: from Eisenstein to Tarkovsky". Another textbook worthy of special attention is "Introduction to Cinematography". This is the result of 40 years of creative research by the authors, led by D. Bordwell, the work of Thomas Elsesser and Malte Hagener entitled "Theory of cinema: an introduction through the senses." The collection "History of World Music" from the Cambridge University Press, the textbook by Christopher Balm "Introduction to Theater Studies", the book of the famous scientist and writer Yuri Borev "Aesthetics", the textbook "How to Write for TV, Radio and New Media", which introduces the rules of writing texts , also translated into Kazakh for the first time, attracted readers.

During the event, the director of the scientific library told about the project that there are 88 titles of books in the library, through the site https://100kitap.kz/, https://openu.kz students can use these textbooks, senior teachers of the department A.S. Akhanova and Iskakova I.I. talked in more detail about textbooks, about reading books.

Bibliographic review of the book exhibition "Абай дана - Абай дара қазақта" dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of Abai Kunanbaev. Librarian S. S. Nurgalieva


Bibliographic review of the book exhibition "Дархан даланың екінші ұстазы" dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of al-Farabi. Librarian Mazimova R.A.


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